Aussie pensioners save big money on hearing aids

Considerable hearing aid savings available to Aussie pensioners who know where to look

Increased health care costs have left many pensioners in a tight spot, in need of treatment that they are unable to afford. Fortunately there’s a new online service that is helping older Australians cut costs on hearing aids, making a huge difference to their budget and quality of life. makes it simple to find an affordable hearing aid, whether it’s your first hearing device or time for an upgrade to a newer model. Start by answering a few basic questions and a hearing specialist will contact you to arrange a free hearing assessment.

Many pensioners don’t realise that they may be eligible for significant discounts on hearing aids, and continue living with untreated hearing loss. will introduce you to a local audiologist who will work with you to find out exactly which subsidies apply and how much you could save.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: After answering a few questions, you will have the opportunity to book a free hearing test near you and could be eligible for significant savings on hearing aids.

People are often surprised to find that there are a wide range of hearing aids on the market which can be customised to suit an individual’s needs. The hearing aid you choose will depend on your level of hearing loss, ear shape, and lifestyle.

According to the Hearing Care Industry Association, only one in five Australians who could benefit from a hearing aid are actually using one. That’s four out of five Aussies who are living with hearing loss that could potentially be treated.

Hearing loss often occurs gradually over time, so it’s not always obvious when you have it. Perhaps you miss snippets of a conversation, or frequently ask others to repeat themselves. In many cases, it’s friends and family who notice hearing loss before you do.

Once you are properly fitted with a hearing aid, you might be amazed at the hearing loss you’ve been living with. It’s difficult to put a price on good hearing, but you may not have to when you’re informed about what savings are available.

Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more effective than those of the past, and you may be amazed at how such a tiny device could have a big impact on your life. Schedule your free hearing appointment today and you’ll be one step closer to finding an affordable hearing aid that will put you back in touch with the world around you.

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