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15th July 2024
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Last Updated on 7 August 2020

How the right health insurance policy can reduce the cost of hearing aids

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Hearing aids can be expensive. But having the right health insurance policy can help cover the cost of hearing aids and audiology. However, the level of hearing aid cover you’ll receive varies between health insurers.

That’s why it’s so important to compare health insurance providers to find the right fund for you. The expert team at can help you find a health insurance policy that covers your hearing aid expense. You can get started by clicking on the form below.

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Lightening the load on your hearing costs

When it comes to health insurance for hearing aids and audiology, not all insurance policies are created equal. There’s a lot of variance between funds on rebates and waiting periods, which is where the team at Health Insurance Comparison come in.

Their expert team will scour our panel of trusted insurers for policies that offer great rebates and still maintain your level of cover. It takes out a lot of the heavy lifting and helps you find a fund that could really cut the cost of your hearing needs.

If you’re looking to cover your hearing, there’s a strong possibility you’ll need one of the higher levels of extras coverage available. Some health insurance policies cover expenses associated with hearing aids and audiology, although this is usually only included as part of a comprehensive extras policy.

These policies tend to pay out a set amount when you buy a new hearing device, and most funds limit how often you can claim on a new hearing device.

Claiming on audiology is typically a little different. Rather than paying out a set amount, most health insurers will rebate a specified percentage of the price you pay for each session.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yes and no. It’s important to be aware that both the set amount insurers will pay out for a single hearing device and the size of the rebate they’ll give you on audiology services vary widely.

You could be paying too much with the wrong insurer

For example, some insurers will pay out up to $1,600 on a new hearing device, while others will pay out as little as $500. Likewise, some funds will give you around 70 per cent cash-back on audiology sessions, while others top out at much less.

There are also waiting periods to consider. When you take out new extras cover, the health fund may apply a certain period you’ll need to wait before you can claim on a hearing device or audiology service – although if you switch to a cheaper equivalent policy you usually won’t need to serve any new waiting periods.

The switching tactic can really pay off, if you’ve served some or all of your waiting periods for hearing aids and audiology. That’s because waiting periods vary widely between insurers starting from 12 months to a much longer 36-month wait.

It can be a time-consuming process to read through the small print and find a policy that gives you plenty back on your hearing needs for an affordable price.

That’s why it pays to consult the expert team at to make sure you’re getting a great deal on hearing aid and audiology cover as part of your health insurance.

To get a free, no-obligation quote from Health Insurance Comparison’s trusted panel of insurers, click here or call 1300 163 402. And if you’ve not yet got your hearing tested, click on your state below to book a free consultation today.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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