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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need two hearing aids, or is one enough?

A: For most people, binaural amplification (two hearing aids) will produce the best outcome, and roughly three quarters of all fittings today are binaural. This setup is designed to mimic the natural benefit of two ears, giving you greater speech clarity, sound comfort, and better ability to locate the source of sounds.

Q: What kind of ongoing service / support do you offer?

A: We’ll assist you at every step of the way, from fitting and programming, all the way to counseling to assist you in achieving a successful outcome. We also offer ongoing maintenance and support services.

Q: What are some of the types of hearing aids you compare?

A: We compare multiple brands and types of hearing aids. Some of the types of hearing aids we compare are: Completely in Canal, In the Ear/ In the Canal, Micro Behind The Ear, and Behind the Ear.

Q: Will other people be able to tell I’m wearing a hearing aid?

A: It depends on the hearing aid. Some of the newer types of hearing aids, like Micro Behind The Ear, are extremely inconspicuous. Others can be installed completely in the ear canal, making them essentially 100% invisible.

Q: Can I get government assistance or a private health insurance rebate on my hearing aid?

A: Government assistance for hearing aids is available under the ‘Australian Government Hearing Services Program’. If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident with a Pensioner concession card, DVA / Gold Card, or are a recipient of a Centrelink sickness allowance, you may be eligible. Private Health Insurance rebates are available on some extras policies from most funds. We can help you determine your eligibility.

Q: How much does a hearing aid cost?

A: Hearing aids vary significantly in cost, and there’s almost certainly a product that meets your budget. Prices are often a function of how sophisticated and miniaturized the hearing aid is, and this can range from very basic to highly sophisticated. The extent of your hearing loss and your specific requirements are important factors in determining which product is right for you.


We offers all styles and brands of hearing aids

Hearing Savers is fully independent, offering you world leading hearing technology from all major suppliers. We offer all styles of hearing aids...

Inclusions with your New Hearing Aids

  • 5% Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 30-day hearing aid trial, with money-back guarantee
  • Comprehensive hearing test
  • Custom hearing aid fitting & programming appointment
  • Review appointment to fine-tune your new hearing aids
  • 12-months free appointments
  • On-going in-house hearing aid cleaning, minor servicing and maintenance
  • Custom ear moulds (if required)
  • Further discounts for Pensioners & Veterans
  • Choice of hearing aid colours
  • Absolutely NO hidden costs and NO extra costs

What after-care service is provided?

  • 1-year supply of batteries - at your fitting appointment, your practitioner will supply you with 1-year of fresh high-quality batteries.
  • 12-months of service appointments - 12-months of service and care as required from the date of first fitting.
  • Minimum 3-year manufacturer warranty - your new hearing aids include a minimum 3-year manufacturer's warranty against defects
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty for loss and damage - should you accidentally lose or damage your hearing aids within the first 12-months of fitting, your hearing aids can be replaced with brand new hearing aids. Please note that conditions and excess may apply.

Why choose Hearing Savers?

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We are not owned by or affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturer

  • We give you unbiased, objective advice to best address your hearing needs
  • We offer all leading hearing aid brands and all models, ensuring the right choice and best value in Australia
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Low prices

  • We stand by our Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Save $3,000+ on the latest hearing aids
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Outstanding service

  • University qualified Audiologists with 15+ years of experience
  • Comprehensive after-care service with all hearing aids
  • Absolutely no hidden extras or surprises
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 20+ convenient clinic locations across Australia
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