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Bernafon Hearing Aids Review

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Key Points
  • Bernafon is one of several hearing aid brands under the Demant Group. Demant Group is known for its innovations in hearing health solutions.
  • Bernafon offers six hearing aid models created using top-quality Swiss engineering and design.
  • Demant is dedicated to supporting hearing health projects worldwide related to research and education.

Bernafon Company History

Bernafon gets its name from Bern, Switzerland, where the company was founded in 1946. Founder Hans Gfeller was severely hearing-impaired, which drove his son to develop the company’s very first hearing aid. Bernafon hearing aids are made with the trademark precise engineering and forward technology that the Swiss pride themselves on.

Today, Bernafon operates across 70 countries and employs thousands of hearing care professionals. They remain committed to their mission of making a difference in the world by delivering top-quality products, providing support, and spearheading innovations in hearing aid technology.

Bernafon runs under parent company Demant, which manages several trusted hearing aid brands like Oticon, Interacoustics, Sonic, Audika, and others.

Bernafon Devices

Bernafon offers six hearing aid models that cater to a range of needs as well as price points. Below is a list of Bernafon hearing aids to choose from:

Viron 9

Viron 9 uses Bernafon’s True Environment Processing™ technology to simulate a natural sound environment. This unit is Bernafon’s high-end hearing aid which comes with top-of-the-line features and maximum benefits, such as enjoyment of live music events, the most natural speech understanding, and reduced listening effort.

Viron 7

Coming in second is Bernafon’s Viron 7. It also features True Environment Processing™ technology and has many advanced and automatic features. This unit focuses on sophisticated speech understanding, excellent sound quality when listening to music, and listening comfort.

Viron 5

Viron 5 is Bernafon’s mid-range offering. This unit also uses True Environment Processing™ technology. Its basic features facilitate natural sound perception and speech understanding. It also focuses on a user-friendly and comfortable design.

Zerena 1

Zerena 1 is Bernafon’s most basic offering, combining the benefits of their hearing aid technology with affordability. This unit can connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth devices, and features a design focused on comfort.

Zerena 3

Zerena 3 is a more sophisticated version of the Zerena 1, providing excellent speech understanding and natural sound perception even in loud and noisy environments. It is also compatible with Bluetooth devices and features a user-friendly design.


Supremia Super Power BTE is Bernafon’s solution to severe hearing loss. This unit is the strongest hearing aid in their line-up. It’s powerful enough to allow adults and children with severe to profound hearing loss to grasp perspective of the soundscape, thus making everyday activities and special occasions more accessible. The Supremia also focuses on ease of function and connectivity to Bluetooth devices.

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The Demant Group and Hearing Health Awareness

The Demant group was founded by Hans Demant, whose wife experienced hearing loss. Hans Demant travelled to England to purchase a hearing aid for his wife, but found that hearing aids were astronomically expensive. This began his journey to create affordable hearing aids accessible to the public.

Armed with this vision, the Demant group has been actively supporting numerous endeavours pushing for hearing health awareness and solutions throughout the company’s history. Here are some recent examples:

  • In 2018, the William Demant Foundation donated 62.2 million DKK to hearing health education and research projects worldwide.
  • Demant donated 4 million DKK to Dansk Idrætsforbund, the Danish Deaf Sports Federation, which funds training for hearing impaired athletes who will be competing at the European Championships, World Championships and the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.
  • Demant has joined with Les Vieilles Charrues, the largest music festival in France, where they will conduct free hearing screenings, give out earplugs, and educate festival-goers on the importance of hearing health protection
  • Demant also supports academic research projects. They have funded 19 hearing health research projects in 2018 alone and donated 12.3 million DKK to universities around the world.
  • Finally, Demant has financed the Ida Institute, an organisation dedicated to patient-centered hearing rehabilitation, for many years. In 2018, they donated 12.5 million DKK to support the institute, and are expected to supply the same amount in 2019.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

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