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Unitron Hearing Aids

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Unitron Company History

Unitron joined the hearing aid industry in 1964. The company now has a global reach from its humble beginnings in the Waterloo region of Canada. There are 21 Unitron locations in over 70 countries. Unitron has received five Red Dot design awards since 2014 for their user-centric hearing aid design philosophy.

Unitron is a brand under the Sonova umbrella, and as such, they participate in the Hear the World Foundation. This non-profit group aims to give everyone a chance at quality hearing, and they currently support over 80 projects in 39 countries. Unitron also supports the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides through its fundraising efforts and volunteers.

Some of the other Sonova brands include:

  • Phonak
  • Hansaton
  • Advanced Bionics
  • Connect Hearing


Unitron RIC Hearing Aids

Unitron offers a range of receiver-in-canal hearing aids called the Moxi. These come in a variety of styles to best fit your hearing needs.

Features of the Moxi hearing aids include speech focus, dynamic spatial awareness and speech locator. Unitron advertises the Moxi Now as the smallest RIC hearing aid in the world, based on its exterior dimensions.

Unitron BTE Hearing Aids

Unitron’s Behind-the-Ear hearing aids are popular models. You can select one of their Stride or super-powered Max products in the behind-the-ear style. The Max products are particularly good for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Unitron ITE Hearing Aids (Insera Line)

There are also four in-the-ear Unitron hearing aids called the Insera line, that offer a much more discreet look. These hearing aids vary in power and have directional microphone capability. The larger they are, the more features and power they can offer you.

That said, this style of hearing aid isn’t best for those with severe or profound hearing loss. In-the-ear hearing aids like mini in-the-canal and completely-in-canal styles remain hidden but are better for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

You can choose between full shell, canal/half shell, mini canal directional, and mini canal in this category. All of them are custom-made to fit your ear using Unitron’s EarMatch technology.

All of the hearing aids in this category are push-button and powered by Tempus. They also use a telecoil and have a custom battery.

Unitron Platforms

Unitron hearing aids operate on two different platforms. You have the classic Tempus, and the new Discover platform that just released in Australia.


Tempus focuses on making conversations stand out above other noises that might be present. Unitron built on their existing foundation to create the Tempus platform, which 98% of hearing care professionals recommend to their colleagues.

The speech recognition is fast, accurate, and balanced. Tempus uses the SoundNav technology to help map your location and design a hearing system that works for you.


Discover is the newest platform in the Unitron hearing aids range, and prioritises comfort and fit that delivers a natural sound to users.

The Soundcore technology in the Discover devices is some of the best on the market. According to Unitron, this technology can classify a sound as precisely as a normal 20-year-old ear.

Unitron Apps

There are two Unitron Apps available in the Google Play and App stores: uControl and Remote Plus. Here’s a summary of each.

Unitron uControl App

The uControl app from Unitron is the traditional adjustment app that most hearing aid providers offer. Within the app, you’ll be able to customise your options, change your settings, and adjust the volume—all from your smartphone.

Unitron Remote Plus App

You can adjust your hearing options within the Unitron Remote Plus App, as well as view helpful listening data that will tell you how your hearing aids are performing.

You can find the Remote Plus app in the Google Play or App store for Android or Apple devices. After that, you will be able to link your hearing aids to the app and begin tracking your performance.


Unitron sells ten accessories in their store, although the hearing aids they offer are compatible with some other products you can buy from third-party retailers. Unitron hearing aid accessories include:

  • TV Connector: Wirelessly stream TV audio to your Moxi All hearing aids
  • Rechargeable Kit: Convert Moxi All, Moxi Fit, or Stride M hearing aids into rechargeable devices.
  • Remote Control: Control the essential features of your hearing aid.
  • Remote Control 2: Adjust volume settings and switch programs.
  • IIC Remote: A miniature remote that lets you adjust volume and switch programs.
  • uStream: Discreetly connect to TVs, speakers, phones, and more for stereo-quality sound.
  • uDirect 2: Get a hands-free wired or wireless connection to electronic devices.
  • uDirect 3: Connect to entertainment systems like radio, TV, and phones with a small device.
  • uMic: Wireless mic to make conversing in loud environments easier.
  • uTV 2: Wireless audio streaming doubles as a charging cradle for uDirect 2.
  • uTV 3: Stream the TV directly to both hearing instruments.
  • Smart Control remote: Comprehensive remote control to perform a range of adjustments in real time.


How do I know when I need hearing aids?

It can be difficult to tell whether or not you are in a position to benefit from hearing aids. Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons, from consistent noise exposure to natural ageing. Try to think about whether or not you regularly find it difficult to understand people.

You will need to visit a professional for evaluation, but this can be a good first step in learning whether or not you’re at risk. Schedule an appointment for a free hearing test here.

What kind of hearing aids should I buy?

The best type of hearing aid for you will depend on your level of hearing loss and personal preferences. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and want discreet hearing aids, you may prefer an in-the-ear device.

If you have profound hearing loss or want more features, behind-the-ear hearing aids may be your choice.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

The length of time your batteries will last depends on their size. Larger batteries tend to last longer, so BTE hearing aids will have the longest battery life. Even the smallest hearing aids should last you a day on a single charge.

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